Prof Richard Coker

Plenary Speakers

Prof Richard Coker
Head, Communicable Diseases Policy Research Group

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Richard Coker trained in medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital, London and, in 1994, became consultant physician to the hospital and senior lecturer at Imperial College School of Medicine. His interests include communicable diseases, in particular emerging infectious diaseases, HIV, and tuberculosis, and health systems responses to disasters. In 1997, as a Harkness Fellow, he spent a year at Columbia School of Public Health in New York, USA, researching the causes and responses to the epidemic of tuberculosis that city witnessed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His book, From Chaos to Coercion: detention and the control of tuberculosis, was one of the results from this work. He subsequently worked as a Wellcome Research Associate researching public health legislative responses to infectious disease threats. In recent years he has worked in predominantly in SE Asia on public health responses to support control of infectious diseases. He joined the School in 1999 as a Research Fellow before becoming Senior Lecturer in 2001, Reader in 2005, and Professor of Public Health in 2009.

He currently heads the Communicable Diseases Policy Research Group (CDPRG;, based in Bangkok, Thailand, since 1997, which provides a focus of expertise on the diverse public health problems associated with communicable disease control in SE Asia. Notable areas of research which have received considerable attention have included health systems analysis, planning for emerging infectious diseases, analyses of strategic planning, policy analyses, the development and ranking of indicators to assess performance, and the development of models to support health system functioning (see for example: