About the Conference

About the Conference

The 2nd Singapore International Public Health Conference and 11th Singapore Public Health and Occupational Medicine Conference 2016(SIPHC 2016) is jointly organised by the College of Public Health and Occupational Physicians of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, and the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.

The Conference is held every four years. It brings together a multi-national, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary panel of public health professionals and practitioners, academics, researchers, policy-makers and international stakeholders from around the world. It allows participants to share their insights on a plethora of issues ranging from the use of novel technologies for surveillance of emerging infectious diseases, and improvement in healthcare delivery, workplace health and safety, and aviation safety to the employment of novel strategies for the promotion of well-being and mental health, and the development of innovative health financing models.This two-day event will enable the discussion of successes, barriers and opportunities in tackling existing and emerging public health challenges and exchange knowledge about effective policies, programmes, best strategies, practices and methodology.

The 1st Singapore International Public Health Conference and 7th Singapore Public Health and Occupational Medicine Conference: “Translating Public Health Research into Practice” (SIPHC 2012), held on 1- 2 October 2012, in Singapore. SIPHC 2012 saw a capacity-attendance of over 500 participants from 27 countries. Participants, including representatives from government and regulatory agencies, private sector, research and education institutions and NGOs, gathered to exchange ideas and foster collaboration.

The College  of Public Health and Occupational Physicians is one of the 11 Colleges of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. With its long prestigious history since 1948, the College has been organising its signature annual Singapore Public Health and Occupational Medicine (PHOM) Conference, a vibrant and engaging platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on public health, occupational medicine and aviation medicine issues of today.

With more than six decades of history as a Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, the School has since its founding in 2011 as Singapore’s only academic institution of public health at the National University of Singapore, been gaining both regional and national recognition for the School’s translational research and cross-disciplinary integration in the areas of total workplace safety and health, new approaches to disease burden projections, diabetes, cancer, myopia, and pharmacogenomics.

The College and the School have worked synergistically, with the School pushing limits through its vigorous translational research and the College using this evidence to effectively tackle population health issues. In organising the conference, both institutions, in partnership with a wide array of international public and private organisations, bring to the Conference each institution’s outstanding research, education and technical expertise making it a much sought-after platform in Asia for the exchange of knowledge and insights on public health issues, action and practice of critical importance.